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Havana’s Malecon with Internet

Havana's Malecon with Internet / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 5 January 2017 — This year began for Havana's Malecón
with five new points of wireless connection to Internet. The newly
authorized Wi-Fi zones are located in La Piragua*, El Castillito de 12
and Calzada, the corner of 3rd and B, Hola Ola and the area around the
Fuente de la Juventud (Fountain of Youth). This Thursday dozens of users
arrived to test the service offered by Telecommunications Company of
Cuba (Etecsa), at a rate of 1.50 Cuban convertible pesos per hour.

Looking for the few shady spots on the Malecón, netizens gathered near
walls, buildings and monuments, to avoid the reflections of the sun on
the screens of their phones and computers. "At night is when you can use
it best," explains Raudel, a young man who logged on Thursday for
the second time near the Hotel Nacional.

The new Wi-Fi zones could help reduce congestion in other areas with
wireless access such as La Rampa, Fe del Valle Park and the Latin
American Stadium, which receive hundreds of customers every
day. However, the main expectation for telecommunications in 2017 is the
possible arrival of the internet to the island's homes. "Connecting from
home is something else," says Raudel.

*Translator's note: La Piragua is a large plaza-type open space along
Havana's Malecon overlooked by the Hotel Nacional.

Source: Havana's Malecon with Internet / 14ymedio – Translating Cuba -

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