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AT&T launches roaming service in Cuba

AT&T launches roaming service in Cuba
Oct 18 2016, 18:37 ET | About: AT&T Inc. (T) | By: Jason Aycock, SA News

In its latest Latin American move, AT&T (T +0.2%) has launched roaming
service in Cuba, joining other telecoms taking advantage of
liberalization on the island nation.Subscribers can talk, text, and use
their data while in Cuba.
Voice calls come at $3/minute; texting comes at $0.50 per standard
message (and $1.30 per multimedia message); and data costs $2.05 per
megabyte."Extending service to our customers while they are in Cuba
further solidifies our position as having the best global coverage of
any U.S wireless provider," says AT&T's Bill Hague

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